Trophon EPR Ultrasound Transducer Disinfection System

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Setting a new standard for the disinfection of ultrasound transducers

The Trophon EPR makes the task of disinfecting ultrasound transducers significantly faster, safer and more convenient. It features a very simple operating procedure involving only a few steps:

  1. Load the pre-cleaned transducer
  2. Press the start button
  3. Upon completion remove the transducer

The Trophon EPR combines safety, speed and intuitive operation. There is no exposure to harmful chemicals and the only by-products of the Trophon EPR are minute quantities of water and oxygen, making it an environmentally friendly solution for the disinfection of ultrasound transducers.

Effective high level sporicidal disinfection is achieved in less than seven minutes. The product’s advanced design allows for easy integration into most examination rooms to ensure effective use between patients.

Automated design, live status reports and the reduction of human intervention ensures the highest standards of quality assurance. You can be confident that you are maintaining the highest standards of safety, care and quality.

Benefits of the Trophon EPR

Having purchased the equipment, the cost per room sterilisation is minimised, allowing the hospital to realise rapid return on investment.

High level disinfection and sporicidal efficacy achieved in under 7 minutes
The Trophon EPR meets international standards for high level disinfection and sporicidal disinfection. It achieves at least a 6-log reduction in micro-organisms including Staphylococcus aureus, Mycobacterium, Candida albicans, Spore of G.stearothermophilus, B.subtilis and C.sporogenes and elimination of polio virus.

There is no exposure to harmful chemicals
The disinfection process operates in a fully automated, closed system ensuring that the user is not exposed to harmful chemicals. This closed system eliminates the need for personal protection or fume extraction equipment.

Environmentally friendly by-products
The only by-products of the Trophon EPR are water and oxygen.

Advanced design for quality assurance and improved workflow
The Trophon EPR can be integrated into most examination rooms to ensure easy and effective use between patients. The dimensions of the Trophon EPR are 485mm high, 340mm wide and 315mm deep. The EPR requires minimal bench space and uses a standard power point.

Easy and safe management of consumables
The disinfectant cartridge is enclosed within the device and contains enough biocide for multiple disinfection cycles. Cartridge replacement is located behind one easily accessible door at the side on the machine. Changing cartridges is a quick, clean and easy process.

Live status information
Live status information including the result of each disinfection cycle is displayed via a 42mm by 123mm backlit screen display, ideal for dimly lit areas.

Outstanding materials compatibility
Materials compatibility testing with leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) of ultrasound equipment has been conducted. The Trophon EPR has demonstrated best-in-class standards of materials compatibility.

Safe residual levels
The transducer is ready for use as soon as it is removed from the device. There are no harmful residual chemicals on the transducer.

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