Trophon2 Ultrasound Transducer Disinfection System

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Setting a new standard for the disinfection of ultrasound transducers - Smart Protection, Smart Flexibility, Smart Functionality, Smart Traceability, Smart Integration.

The Trophon2 combines safety, speed and intuitive operation. There is no exposure to harmful chemicals and the only by-products of the Trophon2 are minute quantities of water and oxygen, making it an environmentally friendly solution for the disinfection of ultrasound transducers.

Effective high level sporicidal disinfection is achieved in less than seven minutes. The product’s advanced design allows for easy integration into most examination rooms to ensure effective use between patients.

Automated design, live status reports and the reduction of human intervention ensures the highest standards of quality assurance. You can be confident that you are maintaining the highest standards of safety, care and quality.

Smart Protection

Trophon2 delivers protection for patients, staff and the environment to reduce risk.

Smart Flexibility

Trophon2 streamlines set-up, can be customised to your workflow and has extensive probe compatibility to improve efficiency.

Smart Functionality

Trophon2 enhances user experience so you can perform HLD simply, automatically, and with confidence to increase compliance.

Smart Traceability

AcuTrace simplifies the creation of accurate digital records, all stored on your Trophon2 to increase audit-readiness.

Key NEW Features:

  • Large 7" touchscreen with animations to navigate you through the disinfection process.
  • Colour coded touch points for streamlined workflows - the touchable parts of the Trophon2, including consumables, are blue to signify the user can handle these parts.
  • Soft close door that automatically seals tight
  • Future ready - platform allows new functionality to be introduced through firmware upgrades
  • Sleep timer - enters power-saving mode when not in use, you can adjust the power-saving mode or opt to turn the sleep timer off.
  • Daily warm up - adjustable 'wake up' times for each day, so it is ready to start when your day begins
  • Probe compatibility - over 1,000 probes are compatible for use with the Trophon2
  • Extensive testing in conjunction with probe manufacturers has been carried out
  • Universal cable clamp - compatible with a wide range of cable diameters; 3mm - 15mm
  • Chamber shape - better fit fir curved probes with a hassle free integrated probe positioner.
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