Bioquell SeQure

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Bioquell SeQure - Fixed and Compact Wall-Mounted Biodecontamination System

Protect your valuable work from pathogens with Bioquell’s newest decontamination system. Wall-mounted and compact, it eliminates your bioburden with speed and efficiency.

The Bioquell SeQure is the fixed and compact wall-mounted biodecontamination system that eradicates the bioburden of microorganisms and other contaminants threatening your research and production facility.

You need a fast and reliable method to eradicate the bioburden caused by microorganisms and other threatening contaminants entering your biological research and production facility. Maintain your clean space’s integrity with the Bioquell SeQure, a compact, fixed bio-decontamination system that provides increased productivity, robust regulatory compliance, and enhances cost and resource efficiencies through an automated, validated decontamination cycle using Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor.

Efficacy in a Compact Wall-Mounted Solution

Using the latest advancements in automated decontamination technology, the Bioquell SeQure delivers complete decontamination of exposed surfaces via a wall-mounted system that is ideal for pass-throughs, material airlocks, and more. Bioquell’s unique Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor technology reduces inherent risks, resources, and labor commonly associated with “spray and wipe” methods to decrease costs and potential contamination events introduced to your clean space.

Fast Validation and Installation 

To uphold rigid safety requirements and GMP compliance without impeding lab or production efficiencies, the Bioquell SeQure system features automatic cycle prediction technology for fast validation. Whether installed in a brand-new facility or retrofitted into an existing workspace, the Bioquell SeQure can be installed and validated in facilities in less than one week. With decreased downtime and lower resource opportunity cost, your facility experiences a lessened financial impact and lower risk from potential contaminants.

Small Footprint, Large Impact 

The slim design and digital, user-friendly interface make the Bioquell SeQure ideal for use in many rooms and chambers, including connecting pass-throughs and material airlocks. Its minimal footprint is enabled by wall-mounting the components of the system inside or outside of the workspace, maximizing your working area for increased productivity.


  • Hydrogen Peroxide Vaporizer
  • 4 integrated fans distribute vapor dynamically
  • Automated cycle prediction technology
  • Operates at low temperatures, safe for heat-sensitive materials
  • Easy-to-use, color touchscreen
  • One-touch technology initiates decontamination cycle
  • Dual Bottle Module
  • Minimizes peroxide wastage with no decanting
  • Houses 2 H2O2 bottles (950 ml each)


  • Productive - Fast, effective automated cycles for high throughput
  • Adaptable - Ideal system for retrofitting or new construction; mounting ability on nearly any wall surface
  • Assured - Full GMP compliance; automatic cycle-prediction technology for swift validation
  • Efficient - Push-button decontamination of every exposed surface; reduction of manual labor and the risk of error with spray-and-wipe methods
  • Integrated - Wall mounting with connectivity to your building management system or SCADA via Modbus protocol
  • Rapid - Automated, validated cycles and distinctive design for installation and validation in less than one week

Ideal for:

  • Pass-Throughs & Material Airlocks
  • Lab & Room Decontamination
  • Spaces Smaller Than 150 Cubic Meters
  • Viral & Bacterial Vector Work
  • Biosecurity
  • Small Research Areas
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