Bioquell ProteQ

The Bioquell ProteQ offers a modular approach to room and zone decontamination

Quickly and effectively decontaminate nearly any room or zone with this mobile, scalable and compliant system with wireless communication technology.  All components, including built-in aeration and room for additional optional aeration, are hosted within its frame, making setup simple.

The latest achievement from Bioquell, the Bioquell ProteQ offers a modular approach to room and zone decontamination.  Enhanced distribution capabilities, networking options, wireless technology and advanced aeration capabilities make this system, the ideal solution for contamination elimination in the smallest labs to the largest production areas.

The Bioquell ProteQ is ideal for use in:

  • Biopharmaceutical manufacturing areas
  • GMP/GLP Laboratories
  • Bio-safety labs of all levels
  • Animal facilities
  • Production areas with difficult to fully clean spaces such as RABS
  • Cleanrooms, lab spaces and anterooms
  • Other room and zone decontamination needs


  • Rapid - Capable to reduce cycles times significantly; use in existing facilities without complex modifications
  • Integrated - One piece of equipment performs vaprization and aeration stages; additional aeration units stored within the frame of the equipment.
  • Compliant - Thermal and PDF printouts of key cycle data; 21 CFR Part 11 compliant audit trail available
  • Productive - Deploy the system anywhere in a facility or campus; ability to run parametric cycles for quick decontamination of new areas
  • Efficient - Enhanced distribution technology; faster cycle times; reduce consumable usage
  • Easy to Use - Intuitive graphical user-interface; ability to store and run 1000s of predefinited cycles; wireless connectivity allows rapid setup and reduced downtime

Watch the video below to learn more about the Bioquell ProteQ:

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