Bioquell L-4

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Bioquell L-4 Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor Generator

The Bioquell L-4 is a mobile Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor generator that can be connected to enclosures and equipment in your facility or used for room/zone decontamination.

Leading Efficacy Accepted Globally 

Bioquell’s Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor decontamination solutions, such as the Bioquell L-4, allow for a 6-log kill (99.9999% elimination) of bioburden from every exposed surface, protecting every step of your process or research. Whether passing through materials, working in an isolator, or freeze drying biological material, life science leaders trust the Bioquell L-4 to remove multiple risk sources of contamination.

Adapted to Meet Your Needs 

The flexibility of the Bioquell L-4 comes from its unique design. This system simply connects supply and return hoses to equipment via camlocks, or can be configured, to decontaminate a room with the addition of a vapor distribution head. For advanced needs, customized engineering requests can be accommodated as well. These may include the use of automation in a process or the installation of fixed pathways to introduce vapor in to a room.

Quick Setup, Rapid Decontamination 

Unlike other decontamination options, with Bioquell there is no need to wait for a limited temperature or humidity range to be reached. Once started, the Bioquell L-4’s dual loop technology takes effect by first emitting vapor, and then rapidly converting the hydrogen peroxide vapor into water vapor and oxygen. The details of every cycle are printed and real time cycle data is available over Ethernet (Modbus protocol) for recording on LIMS, BMS, SCADA or other data acquisition system.


  • Rapid - Bioquell’s singular, proprietary technology for swift cycle turnarounds
  • Adaptable - Versatility with ability to connect to various pieces of equipment; quick and easy switch of decontamination from equipment to rooms
  • Assured - Thorough validation including equipment commissioning and IQ, OQ, GCD and PQ
  • Efficient - Fast and easy set-up; quick push-in and push-out; over 300 pre-programmed gassing cycles
  • Integrated - Connective capability for inclusion into more-complex systems; Modbus TCP/IP or volt-free contacts and remote start/stop for integration, automation and data capture
  • Productive - No need to wait for a limited temperature or humidity range to be reached as with other systems; faster start-up for more work achieved in less time

Ideal for:

  • Enclosed Systems & Equipment
  • Isolators
  • RABS
  • Freeze Dryers (Lyophilizers)
  • Bio-Safety Cabinets
  • Cage & Rack Washers
  • Incubators
  • Filter Banks
  • Room Decontamination

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