Bioquell BQ-50

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Bioquell BQ-50 Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor Generator

Lead the way in protecting your patients, staff and community by using the Bioquell BQ-50 to create a fully decontaminated environment anywhere in your hospital. In rooms up to 200m3 (175ft3 to 7050ft3), this system aids you in the global fight against antibiotic resistance and healthcare-associated infections (HAIs). Safe on sensitive electronics and residue-free, our 35% Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor technology eliminates pathogens from every exposed surface. Bioquell has proven efficacy against bacteria, viruses, spores and more, including C. difficile, VRE, norovirus, and CRE.

Ideal for:

  • HAI reduction
  • Targeted pathogens
  • Outbreak elimination
  • Patient rooms
  • Critical care areas
  • Operating rooms
  • Emergency response preparedness


  • Lectern - Placed outside the room, the lectern controls the process by communicating wirelessly with the vaporizer and aeration units. With only “start” and “stop” buttons, a cycle is simple to start and fully automated.
  • Aeration Units - These three lightweight aeration units are placed in the room to create a dynamic airflow. They help disperse the vapor, as well as quickly remove it for fast room turnaround.
  • Vaporizer - Fast, automated and lightweight, the vaporizer disperses the hydrogen peroxide vapor onto every exposed surface with unmatched efficacy.


  • Automatic - Start the decontamination process with Direct Cycle Control (DCC), optimizing your cycle for fast turnaround
  • Adaptable - Transported quickly around your facility; simple setup in any area; use multiple systems for larger spaces
  • Effective - Utilizes a 35% hydrogen peroxide solution to kill over 99.9999% of pathogens within an enclosed area; wide range of pathogens killed
  • Assured - Backed by over 15 years of proven experience reducing HAIs
  • Productive - Complete, thorough decontamination of every exposed surface; repeatable results
  • Efficient - Latest advances in Bioquell technology improve ease of use and cycle times

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