Bioquell Pod - Infection Control Enclosure

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Infection control enclosure for a safer patient environment

  • Designed to limit the spread of pathogens in ward environments
  • Visibility of an open bay with benefits of single bed spaces
  • Tailored to each bed space to maximise patient care area
  • Facilitates decontamination with Bioquell hydrogen peroxide vapour (HPV) technology in under 1 hour

The Bioquell ICE-pod has been developed to help healthcare workers’ control outbreaks and manage patients who are known or suspected to be infected or colonised with a pathogen. Tailored to an individual bed space, each enclosure maximises the patient care area whilst taking into account gantries, trunking and other ward-specific services. It is a temporary structure that can be erected rapidly and, by providing additional single occupancy areas, it helps to increase the flexibility of the hospital.


The design, materials and lighting of the Bioquell ICE-pod have been specified to give a modern look whilst creating a pleasant environment for patients. Each enclosure has large, transparent windows to offer visibility for staff and patients, with opaque lower level panels to reinforce the sense of a private patient room. To enable full privacy, the Bioquell ICE-pod also incorporates curtain rails specified to fit standard hospital curtains. Alcohol hand rub, gloves and gowning materials are mounted on the front fascia, helping to facilitate good hand hygiene and infection control practices. To provide air circulation, a roof-mounted air handling unit is provided. It can be used in conjunction with the Bioquell ICE-pod’s bi-folding doors to provide an environment that helps to limit the egress of potentially contaminated air when housing infected patients. The Bioquell ICE-pod has also been designed with a rapidly deployable gas-tight seal. This permits high-level bio-decontamination using HPV technology to be performed safely in under one hour. Options Bioquell ICE-pods are tailor-made to maximise the internal space and incorporate all patient services, such as oxygen, power and television systems. As such they are built around existing bed space. Each enclosure can be provided without doors and/or the air handling unit on request. Bioquell HPV high-level bio-decontamination Bioquell ICE-pods are compatible with advanced Bioquell HPV equipment to enable full elimination of pathogens in under 1 hour. This technology has been proven to help bring outbreaks under control and reduce endemic infection rates.


The Bioquell ICE-pod is ideal for use in many infection control applications. It can be deployed to help limit infections and ward closures caused by norovirus or it can be used to accommodate patients with suspected or diagnosed C. difficile, MRSA or other pathogens.  It can improve the visibility of the patient, compared with placing them in side rooms (especially when the patient is at risk of falling). It can also be used to provide additional bed spaces to enhance the privacy and dignity of patients.  Infected ICU / HDU patients can be ‘stepped down’ to Bioquell ICE-pods to help reduce the impact of bed-blocking and each enclosure can be used as a 'negative pressure' room for oncology patients requiring inhalation treatment.

The Bioquell ICE-pod system offers a more flexible, lower cost alternative to permanent compartmentalisation of wards and, in certain situations, can be used as additional single
sex accommodation.

Practical considerations
Bioquell ICE-pods are designed to minimise the impact on the fabric of the hospital. Manual cleaning can be easily performed and a cleaning protocol, containing time estimates is available from Bioquell. The servicing of the Bioquell ICE-pod, including the air handling unit, lighting and changing of the air filters are provided by Bioquell.

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