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Posted by Keita Haven on 2018-12-04 14:24:06

Since its introduction to the New Zealand market almost eight years ago, the trophon has become a fundamental addition to radiology and ultrasound practices across the country. Its reliable and effortlessly automated high-level disinfection process has earned the trophon global recognition – and now it’s getting even better! trophon2 combines the same features that make high level disinfection using the trophon EPR so straight forward, with new and upgraded features. Let’s take a look at the new generation of trophon.

The trophon2’s enhanced design, not only makes the trophon more appealing to work with but has also assisted in making the high-level disinfection process more streamlined than before.

  • Colour-coded touch points – To highlight the safe touch points on the trophon2, all touchable areas of the unit are now colour-coded in light blue.
  • Full colour touch screen – The large 7” touchscreen with animations to help you through the disinfection process. 
  • Automatic door locking – The all new soft close door that automatically seals itself.  This means no more “Chamber door not closed” messages.


(Images from Left to Right:  The trophon2's sleek new design; The full colour touch screen; & the automatic locking door)

Along with the sleek new aesthetic, there are some great new and upgraded features that improved the simple and fast workflow of the trophon.

  • Universal Probe Cable Clamp – The trophon2 is compatible with over 1,000 probes, the newly designed cable clamp can accommodate probe cable diameters from 3mm – 15mm.
  • Quicker Warm-up time – The trophon2 is now quicker to warm up.  You can now load another transducer immediately after a successful disinfection without the need to close the chamber door and wait for warm up.
  • Customisable wake/warm-up times – The Trophon2 is now programmable. You can program your Trophon2 to wake/warm-up at a certain time, so it is ready for high level disinfection cycles when you are.
  • Cycle Timer – now has an accurate, continuous countdown of the HLD Cycle.
  • Whisper quiet disinfection cycles – Significant reduction to noise output, reinforcing the trophon’s suitability to be operated at point of care.


(Images from Left to Right:  The new probe clamp; Loading probes into the new probe clamp; The cycle timer)

The most significant new feature of the trophon2 is its built-in traceability system, AcuTrace.

Reprocessing guidelines released in 2017 now require clinics to record the following high-level disinfection (HLD) data:

  • the date and time of HLD
  • consumable batch number and expiry dates
  • transducer identification and serial number
  • identification of the individual who releases the probe for use

AcuTrace uses RFID tags to capture this information each time the trophon2 completes a new HLD cycle. RFID tags are attached to each transducer in your clinic, incorporated into the packaging of each bottle of Nanonebulant and each box of chemical indicators, and issued to each end user in the form of operator cards. You may have already noticed the changes to the packaging of your consumables in preparation for the new RFID tag system, and the following two images show the RFID medical instrument tags and operator cards.


(Images from Left to Right:  RFID medical instrument tags and operator cards)

Each time the end user submits a transducer for HLD they are prompted by the trophon2 to scan the transducer’s RFID tag and their own operator card before starting the cycle. When the transducer is ready for release, the end user will scan their own operator card once again before removing the transducer from the trophon2.

This traceability process produces essential records containing all the information mentioned above. These records can be stored within the trophon2’s memory file ready to be downloaded in preparation for auditing. There is also the option to integrate these trophon2 traceability records with your organisation’s IT system for linking with electronic patient records.


(Images from Left to Right:  Scanning the RFID Tag on the Nanonebulant and the Chemical Indicators)

With the new and upgraded features of the trophon2, the enhanced design, simple and fast workflow and the all new AcuTrace System, the HLD process has become more streamlined than ever before. If you and your team are interested in further improving the HLD Process within your clinic, then you can click here for more information, or contact our friendly team on 09 442 4025 to chat about the trophon2.


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